My Sweet Child

Hi. How are you? Do you remember me? You look like me. Some parts of you have changed, though. What’s Mommy look like? Is she happy? What’s Daddy look like? Is he happy? Do you hug them? What’s our little sister doing? Did you ever make it to our dreams? No? Well, are you still trying? Did the dream change? Oh…don’t cry. It’s okay. Mommy told me to comfort people when they cry. Why are you sad? Don’t you know we can be anything? We told ourselves we could be anything.

Hi. How are you? I miss you so much. We were so strong. Carefree. Full of Life. We believed. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’m going. Mommy looks beautiful. Daddy is still your sunshine. They’re both happy. Our little sister is beautiful and smart. We always wanted to make her proud. I don’t know if she is. I hope she is. I’m not proud. They’re all worried about me…about us. They still see you in me. We were so strong. We believed. I try every day to make you proud. I’m sorry. I can’t stop crying. I lost you…I lost me somewhere back there. Thank you for comforting me. I’m glad I found you again. I still have some hope that we can be anything. We told ourselves we could be anything. We are so strong. We believe. We are infinite.

“Everything seemed possible, when I looked through they eyes of a child.
And every once in a while; I remember,
I still have the chance to be that wild.”
Nikki Rowe